My name is Angel…not Anger.

Rage and Anger

Today, I am struggling with anger.  Something with which my Mom has said I have always struggled.  I am angry that in true Adams fashion, we have swept so many things under the rug that I may never know why I’ve been angry for so long.  Sure, I can pin point certain instances and situations that foster anger but what happened when I was so very young can only be speculated.

Today, I am angry at my job.  I am grateful that I even have one but after working there for 13 years, it is on it’s last leg and we’ve been in talks of closing down for good.  I’m angry about watching my team work diligently to keep things alive and feeling like they will never be compensated for their loyalty and effort.  I’m angry about the stress that it has dropped on our COO, my brother in law.  I am angry about the stress it has dropped on my spouse.  I’m angry.

I’m angry for being so scatterbrained.  I’m angry for trusting the wrong people.  I’m angry for having to be patient.

I’m angry because my songs still sit on paper. I’m angry because I am not confident to do things myself. I’m angry because I have to rely on people.

Relationships, family, home, petty petty things…

I am angry.

I Play Sudoku.

I have tried typing my name a few times today…just working on different projects…and each time I accidentally typed Anger instead of Angel.

I figured that I needed to get some of the infection out so…I write.

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4 thoughts on “My name is Angel…not Anger.

  1. I hear ya! But my go-to emotion is sadness. I have been in a sad cycle lately. You just gotta keep pushing forward! I love this meditation by Doreen Virtue: Hang in there!

  2. kjames10 says:

    I completely understand! I have come to realize that if people truly love us, they won’t mind if we rely on them from time to time; in fact, they will embrace it and even feel honored that we trust them so much.

    • Angel Adams says:

      That’s something to keep in mind for sure…it’s hard to swallow though we you finally realize that those you’ve been relying on…don’t embrace it…or you.
      Thanks for this. I need to write it down on my mirror.

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